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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness & Prevention for Dallas Taxpayers

IRS back tax forgiveness Dallas TX

Our tax attorneys represent Dallas-area taxpayers with the IRS to settle and prevent IRS back taxes for good

Are you a taxpayer in Dallas, TX or surrounding communities struggling with IRS back taxes?  Normally, IRS back taxes are unexpected and cause a great deal of stress and panic.  It's important to know that once you get a tax bill in the mail, there are IRS back tax forgiveness options, but it's crucial to take action immediately, as prolonged back taxes will lead to more trouble as time goes on.  Once you take action and pursue professional tax help to settle your IRS back taxes, you have equipped yourself with expert help that will keep your wages and assets safe.  Whether you have recently received a tax bill in the mail, or you are stuck with delinquent taxes that have been lingering, we are ready to speak with you today to construct a convenient IRS back tax forgiveness and prevention plan for you.


Solutions for IRS Back Taxes

Payment Installment Plans

The most common strategy of resolving tax debt is through pursuing a monthly installment plan with the IRS, but qualifying for a plan that suits your budget and lifestyle requires professional assistance.  Our team of IRS tax attorneys and enrolled agents will evaluate your tax and financial status, and negotiate a payment plan with the IRS that best fits your financial lifestyle.  We are experts in negotiating with the IRS on the behalf of our clients to achieve the most ideal payment plan that works for them.

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

An Offer In Compromise is a program where the IRS agrees to reduce your tax liability and will accept less than you owe.  Many faceless tax gimmicks you encounter on the TV, radio, and internet promise consumers that an OIC is obtainable. The truth is, only taxpayers with unique financial situations can qualify for this IRS back tax relief plan.  Qualifying for this plan requires the proper negotiation and proof of financial hardship.  Our licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents have the ability to pursue this option for you.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

CNC status, or "Hardship Determination" is when the IRS puts a hold on your back tax collection, mainly due to an extenuating financial and personal circumstance.  Just like an OIC, qualifying for this status requires the proper conditions and IRS negotiation, which is only achieved by a licensed tax professional. We have helped local taxpayers achieve CNC status, and may be able to pursue that option for you as well. 


Realistic & Proven IRS Back Tax Forgiveness and Prevention Solutions

There is no better time than now to pursue a plan to resolve your IRS back taxes. Regardless of your circumstances, we can qualify you for a settlement program that will protect your assets and get you back on track to financial freedom. Contact us today to speak with Tim Halcomb for a free personal consultation.

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