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Struggling with IRS Problems?
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Tax Debt Relief for Dallas-area Taxpayers


Serving residents of Dallas and all surrounding communities with professional and personalized tax relief programs for IRS problems

If you are an individual within Dallas or any surrounding community of Dallas County with IRS tax problems of any kind, we'd like to have a discussion with you to help you better understand your tax problem, and your options for tax debt relief. Whether you are a recent victim of IRS debt, or you have been experiencing IRS problems for some time already, the most important step you can take to resolving your IRS debt is to act immediately.  Regardless of the severity of your IRS problems, there are a wide range of professional tax relief programs available to you

What's Your IRS Problem?

IRS Back Taxes

If you have IRS back taxes, you are among thousands of other local taxpayers with any degree of IRS tax debt.  It's completely natural to panic when getting the dreaded tax bill in the mail, as many folks are completely blind-sided by it. The fact is, IRS back taxes can happen for a variety of different reasons. Some people misfiled their tax returns, underpaid their taxes, or just plain didn't file at all.  Regardless of how your back taxes originated, the IRS expects to you satisfy your delinquent taxes within a certain deadline, and will exercise garnishments and levies against you if your back taxes go unsettled for too long.  Our experienced team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents have worked with hundreds of local taxpayers to understand their needs, and offer proven IRS debt forgiveness and prevention programs that will reduce your tax liability and protect your assets:

  • Installment Agreements
  • Offer In Compromise (OIC)
  • Currently Not Collectible (CNC)


Tax Penalties & Interest

The IRS will continue to tack on tax penalties as long as your IRS back tax debt remains unsettled.  The IRS enforces penalties and interest to encourage individuals to pay their taxes on time (how kind of them).  There are more than 140 distinct IRS tax penalties in the federal tax code that are assessed against Dallas individuals, in which one of the harshest is failing to file.  Just like any other IRS problem, outstanding tax penalties and interest will become more hazardous as time goes on, and the IRS will eventually issue extreme collection methods against you.  We offer a proven solution to tax penalties through IRS penalty abatement, where we will evaluate your tax returns and financial status to reduce, or even eliminate tax penalties assessed against you.


IRS Audits

The IRS spends a significant amount of time and resources evaluating tax returns, and issuing audits when they feel a tax return has serious errors. In most cases, the IRS requests that you mail in certain documentation and records in accordance with your tax returns. Other times, they identify serious red flags on your returns and will issue a field audit where they conduct an audit at your home or office. If you are a Dallas County taxpayer and are facing an IRS audit of any kind, our team of IRS audit representatives and defense experts will help you negotiate and settle your audit correctly, and minimize any tax liability that may come as a result.


Wage Garnishment & Levies

After your tax debt goes delinquent for too long, the IRS will issue a collection against you in the form of a wage garnishment or levy.  As a last resort, the IRS will overstep any common legal boundary to garnish your wages, and even seize your bank account in order to satisfy what is owed to them.  The IRS will send you letters in the mail to warn you, and if you do not act in time, they will come after you.  The good news? You can stop wage garnishment and bank levies, but you must act immediately. It begins with you owning your situation, and contacting our IRS wage garnishment attorneys to formulate a plan to stop garnishment and levies and resolve your tax debt.


Tax Consulting & Preparation

We are not only in business to protect Dallas taxpayers from the IRS, we want to see you maintain healthy tax status and remain stress-free. Our expert CPAs work with local individuals and businesses to evaluate their tax status and construct a viable accounting and tax preparation plan to help them avoid IRS problems.


Personalized Tax Relief Programs for Dallas County Individuals

We are an experienced and proven team that works diligently on behalf of Dallas individuals in need of expert IRS tax relief.  If you are ready to take back your financial freedom, contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free consultation.

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