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Dallas is home to many hard-working business owners that aspire to grow a sustainable and profitable business. With all the responsibilities involved with running a business, IRS problems are very common. Many tax problems arise from a few simple oversights on a tax return, or neglecting your payroll tax obligations. Whether minor or severe, business tax debt can spell doom for your business. We understand the hardships involved with having business tax debt, and strive to offer local business owners professional and reliable help for their business tax problems, backed by licensed tax attorneys and CPAs that cover a wide range of business tax compliance need for Dallas area business owners.


Business tax relief and consulting Dallas, TX
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Solutions for Business Tax Problems


Payroll Tax Relief

Payroll tax debt is a very common business tax problem, and it's important to pursue expert payroll tax relief before they evolve into serious issues for your business. Whether your payroll tax debt arises from failure to pay, or from a few miscalculations in your payroll, we can assure you the IRS will target you with penalties, interest, and can even shut down your business if not addressed in time. We have a dedicated team of business CPAs and tax attorneys that work with Dallas County business owners to settle payroll tax debt and build a sustainable plan to satisfy your payroll obligations.


IRS Audit Representation

IRS audits are a harsh reality to many business owners in the Dallas areas, especially if there are discrepancies or red flags in a business's tax filing or payroll. Audits, in most cases, can be relatively harmless, but some are products of severe tax compliance issues. Either way, having the proper IRS audit representation is key to resolving the audit, minimizing the damage, as well as maintain compliance and avoiding audits in the future. With the help of our audit representation experts, including CPAs, tax attorneys, and accountants, our Dallas business clients have peace of mind knowing the audit they are facing will be handled, and settled properly.


Worker Classification Errors

Your workers are either W-2 employees, or independent contractors. Seems simple, however there is a variety of grey areas involved with properly classifying your workers. Mis-classifying your workers, whether intentional or not, will most likely lead to an IRS audit issued against you. We'd like to work with you to bring clarity to your worker classification matters and resolve any worker classification problems, as they can turn into a detrimental problem for your business.


Overstated Deductions

There's nothing wrong with trying to maximize your business deductions, but problems can occur if not done responsibly. Dallas business owners find themselves facing severe IRS penalties as a result of overstating deductions on their returns. It's important as a business owner to understand what qualifies as acceptable business expenses to avoid consequences from the IRS. Our team of business tax specialists work with Dallas business owners to bring clarity to business expense classification and filing.


Tax Management & Accounting Solutions

Dallas Pure Tax Relief wants to see Dallas-area business owners succeed and reach their long-term goals.  We offer unique bookkeeping, accounting, tax filing, and cash-flow management services for hard-working business owners in and around Dallas.  In addition to year-round payroll, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services, our team of business Accountants and CPAs work directly with Dallas business owners to cultivate a personalized plan to keep your business growing and thriving.  In addition to handling your tax obligations, we use them as tools to help your business succeed.  If you are a Dallas-area resident looking to start a business or need help with your current business, we'd love the opportunity to speak with you to discuss your business goals and how we can help you achieve them.


Comprehensive Business Tax Help & Consulting for Dallas Business Owners

Dallas Pure Tax Relief has helped hundreds of local business owners resolve business tax debt and stay on track for success. We provide effective solutions to your business tax problems, and offer innovative and affordable business tax management and accounting solutions to help your business thrive. Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free consultation.

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