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IRS Audit Representation for Dallas Taxpayers

We represent Dallas County individuals and businesses to
negotiate and settle IRS audits of all kinds


Every year, the IRS targets hundreds of Dallas-area individuals or business owners for an audit in some shape or form. To avoid an IRS audit, there are many precautions that you must take when filing your taxes to make sure the IRS doesn't identify any discrepancies on your tax returns. If you are a taxpayer of Dallas or any surrounding community that is being targeted for an IRS audit, successfully navigating the audit and settling any respective tax problem begins with pursuing the proper IRS audit representation. If you are a Dallas-area individual or business owner facing an IRS audit of any kind, we would like to offer our professional IRS audit defense expertise to resolve your audit, resolve tax problems, and help you prevent audits in the future. Our team consists of licensed and experienced tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs that can tackle your audit head on, and help you move on to proper tax compliance.


IRS audit representation of Dallas, TX
Andrew Linke - Senior Tax Attorney

Nature of IRS Audits

Audits are typically enforced if the IRS identifies a discrepancy on your tax return where income or expenses are improperly calculated, or if any portions of your returns are substantially different than your prior year returns. For businesses, if they identify you are mis-classifying your employees, not reporting sufficient income,or if your business deductions are overzealous, your business will be a target for an audit. 

In most audit cases, the IRS will demand you sending certain tax documentation via the mail to conduct the audit. In more extreme cases where there are a large amount of red flags in your tax returns (mainly business tax environments), the IRS will conduct an intrusive "field audit" where they conduct the audit at your home or office.  Regardless of the nature of the audit, there are huge risks involved if you are forced to be audited.  Fortunately, there is professional help available for Dallas-area taxpayers facing an IRS audit, as we have a team of experienced tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs that can manage and represent your best interests to negotiate the audit, and rectify and tax debt or errors on your tax return(s).


Professional IRS Audit Representation for Dallas Individuals and Businesses

IRS audits are an alarming reality to hundreds of local taxpayers. As many may turn out to be harmless, if the IRS finds suspicious activity on your tax returns, you will be immediately subjected to IRS back tax and penalty collections, even criminal prosecution. Our team of tax professionals would like to discuss your options for IRS audit representation. We are available right now to speak. Contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free consultation.

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