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Professional Tax Debt Relief for Dallas-area Taxpayers

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"Dallas Pure Tax Relief was founded to provide professional, and customer-driven tax help for Dallas taxpayers facing IRS problems. We are proud to serve individuals and businesses of Dallas, Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, and any other local community with a wide range of comprehensive tax relief programs, personalized to their needs. Our in-house team of IRS Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and CPAs work directly with Dallas-area taxpayers to properly settle all individual, business, and international IRS problems. Whether you are struggling with IRS tax debt, or need a professional consultant to manage your taxes and accounting, we are a full-service firm that puts our clients first. Call today to speak with myself directly for a free consultation, and I will ensure your tax needs are handled immediately. We are tax relief you can trust!"

Tim Halcomb ~ President of Dallas Pure Tax Relief

For Individuals

Tax Relief Attorneys

Licensed tax attorneys representing Dallas taxpayers negotiate tax relief settlements.

IRS Back Taxes Relief

Professional IRS representation to settle IRS back taxes.

Tax Penalty Abatement

Get your nagging tax penalties reduced or eliminated.

Wage Garnishment/Levy Relief

We can protect your hard-earned assets from the IRS.

IRS Audit Representation

Professional IRS audit defense for Dallas taxpayers.

For Businesses

Business Tax Attorneys

Representing Dallas-area businesses before the IRS to settle business tax problems.

Payroll Tax Relief

Helping your business resolve & prevent payroll tax problems.

Tax Filing Compliance

CPAs and tax accountants bringing your business tax filing into compliance.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Full-service tax accounting & bookkeeping solutions for your business.

Texas 501(c)(3) Filing

State and federal filing / compliance solutions for Texas 501c3 organizations.

International Tax

International Tax Attorneys

Licensed experts in international tax law helping Dallas taxpayers maintain compliance.

FBAR Compliance

FBAR reporting and compliance for your foreign investments.

FATCA Compliance

FATCA reporting and compliance for your foreign investments.

Foreign Employment/VISA

Complete international business services, including setup, filing, and tax compliance.

Offshore Tax Preparation

Professional tax preparation & offshore asset planning.

Are you a Dallas-area taxpayer struggling with IRS problems?

Is the IRS threatening to compromise your assets or wages?

Are you a local business owner experiencing tax problems?

Metropolitan Dallas is the one of largest, and fastest growing economies in the country, and with any fast-moving and expanding economy comes the increased potential of IRS problems for its citizens. Dallas Pure Tax Relief focuses on helping Dallas-area individuals and businesses properly settle IRS tax problems, and offer sound consulting and tax management services to avoid future tax problems.

Founded by Tim Halcomb in 2004, Dallas Pure Tax Relief strives to offer a personal touch to our clients. We believe "tax relief" is about more than just settling your tax debt. It's also about providing a honest, customer-friendly alternative to the faceless "1-800" tax relief gimmicks that plague the TV, radio, and internet. If you are a resident of Dallas, Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, or any other local community experiencing IRS problems of any kind, it's crucial you act quickly and pursue professional IRS debt relief before the IRS targets your wages and assets. We are prepared to speak with you today to listen to your situation, and offer a personalized tax relief program that will get you back on track to personal and financial freedom!

Dallas Pure Tax Relief - Irving, TX

Our Tax Relief Services

IRS Back Tax Relief Programs

IRS back taxes are simply the delinquent taxes you owe. Whether it originated from misfiled returns, late returns, or you just neglected to pay the taxes you owed, the IRS will continue to compile penalties, interest, and even seize your assets and wages. If you are experiencing IRS back taxes, we can help you qualify for any number of convenient IRS back tax relief programs.


IRS Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents

We have an experienced team of IRS Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents that specialize in representing the best interests of our Dallas clients with the IRS. Whether it's an individual, business, or international tax problem, our Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents possess the special privileges needed to settle even the most complicated tax problems.


Wage Garnishment & Levy Relief

When the IRS decides to exercise a wage garnishment or levy against, it's essentially the insult to the injury of your already stressful tax debt. The IRS will exercise their expansive power by overstepping any legal boundary to compromise your wages, bank accounts, or assets to satisfy what is owed to them. If you have been receiving letters from the IRS threatening to compromise your assets, there are options to stop wage garnishment or levies, but you must act immediately.


IRS Audit Representation

On a daily basis, the IRS is targeting Dallas individuals and businesses with some kind of tax return audit.  The severity of an IRS audit varies. Sometimes the IRS is only requesting specific records via mail, other times they are showing up at your home or place of business to conduct an on-site, or field audit.  Regardless of the nature of the IRS audit,  it's important to equip yourself with professional IRS audit representation to properly settle the audit, and to stay off the IRS' audit radar moving forward.


IRS Tax Penalty Abatement

If you have outstanding tax debt, chances are you will also be victimized by frustrating tax penalties and interest.  The tax penalties accrued can be reduced or even removed, if you pursue professional tax penalty abatement.  Our team of CPAs and tax professionals can evaluate your tax returns and financial status and negotiate a penalty settlement with the IRS on your behalf.


Business Tax Help & Consulting

Crippling business tax problems are an unfortunate reality for Dallas-area business owners. There are a multitude of common tax problems for any business, like payroll tax debt, overstated deduction errors, and worker classification errors, amongst many others.  We are professionals at working with Dallas-area business owners to resolve business tax problems, and offer sound tax management and consulting to help your business thrive.


International Tax Relief & Consulting

Dallas-area residents that own offshore assets or are involved with international employment/business matters are subject to many complicated tax obligations and consequences.  We have a team of international tax specialists that work with local residents in need of protection for their offshore investments, and tax preparation and resolution for international business matters.



Personalized Tax Relief Programs for Dallas County Individuals

We are an experienced and proven team that works diligently on behalf of Dallas individuals in need of expert IRS tax relief.  If you are ready to take back your financial freedom, contact our President, Tim Halcomb, today for a free consultation.

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