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Struggling with IRS Problems?
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Our team of Tax Lawyers represent Irving, TX individuals and businesses to settle and prevent IRS tax problems of any kind

With IRS tax problems coming in all shapes and sizes, it's absolutely crucial that you consult the help of a seasoned, licensed tax lawyer to represent your best interests with the IRS, and properly settle your tax problems.  Pure Tax Relief puts their dedicated tax relief specialties to work for local individuals and businesses of Irving, TX looking to properly, and permanently settle IRS debt.  Founded by Tim Halcomb in 2004, Tim has surrounded himself with top-notch tax lawyers and enrolled agents who have the ability to provide the tax help our clients deserve.  Our tax lawyers and tax relief team take pride in offering a personal touch for our clients, and are prepared to offer their personalized tax relief specialties for you.


The Tax Lawyer & Enrolled Agent Advantages

IRS Communication Privileges

In order to access the proper channels to settle IRS tax debt, you must seek the professional expertise of a licensed tax lawyer or enrolled agent. Only these professionals possess the exclusive privileges to negotiate with the necessary IRS officials to settle tax problems.  Not only that, but our licensed tax attorneys and enrolled agents provide, and by law, honor the attorney-client confidentiality agreement, keeping your records 100% confidential.

Expert Negotiation Skills

Tax lawyers and enrolled agents spend years in law school and through professional experience honing their craft at IRS negotiations. The IRS may be intimidating to the average person, but our licensed tax professionals understands the IRS' boundaries, and what it takes to appease the IRS to reach an ideal settlement for you.

Ethics & Professional Customer Service

Not only are our licensed tax professionals subject to the rules of professional conduct, but as a member of Dallas Pure Tax Relief, they also strive to provide personalized service with a focus on customer satisfaction.  This philosophy gives our clients peace of mind, and separates us from the faceless tax gimmicks that try to prey on Irving and Dallas taxpayers.

Convenient & Manageable Fees

Some tax lawyers and IRS resolution professionals charge hourly for their IRS settlement services, which can become very costly for Irving taxpayers.  The fact is, there is no exact science or formula to predict the outcome of every tax settlement, so forecasting the costs for retaining a tax lawyer is not realistic.  Dallas Pure Tax Relief offers flat-rate, up-front pricing for all our Irving clients, giving you even more peace of mind knowing you have a trustworthy tax professional on your side, without the unknown costs.


Professional, Diligent, & Personable IRS Representation

If you have tax problems of any kind, we are ready to equip you with the advantage of having a dedicated and experienced tax lawyer and enrolled agent on your side. Don't trust your personal and professional well-being to an amateur. We offer flat-rate fees, free consultations, and superior customer service, contact us today and take advantage of the Dallas Pure Tax Relief difference.

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