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Get professional tax help for your IRS problems! Dallas Pure Tax works with local individuals and businesses to properly settle, and prevent IRS debt

Serving the entire Dallas, TX community and beyond, Pure Tax Relief is a professional firm that provides personalized IRS tax help strategies for local individuals and business owners struggling with IRS problems of any kind. We have an experienced team of IRS tax attorneys, CPAs, and Enrolled Agents that put our clients first.  We strive to offer an unique tax help experience that the faceless "1-800" tax firms fail to deliver, by only offering honest, and proven tax help strategies with superior customer service.  Our tax help services are available for individuals and businesses of Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Arlington, plus any other local community.

Our Tax Help Specialties

IRS Back Tax Help

IRS back taxes are extremely common in such an active and growing economy like Dallas.  Many taxpayers, including individuals and businesses, are blind-sided by IRS back taxes, as delinquent taxes mostly arise from a few simple oversights. But, regardless of the origin of your back tax debt, it's crucial that you pursue professional back tax help to settle it, before it grows into a much bigger problem.  Our team of IRS tax attorneys and Enrolled Agents have extensive experience negotiating on the behalf of our clients to not only resolve back taxes, but also reduce their tax liability and protect their assets and wages. Depending on your financial situation and status with the IRS, we can pursue a IRS back tax solution for you...

  • Installment Agreements
  • Offer In Compromise (OIC)
  • Currently Not Collectible (CNC)


Tax Penalty Abatement

As touched on in our IRS back tax help services, delinquent back taxes that continue to go unsettled and grow into much bigger problems. With any tax debt case, the IRS will compound penalties and interest on your already outstanding tax debt, and it will continue to grow exponentially until a tax penalty abatement plan is pursued.  It's important to pursue tax penalty abatement along with a feasible IRS back tax relief plan as soon as possible, and our tax penalty abatement specialists are available to help you today.


IRS Audit Representation

In many cases, the IRS may identify errors on an individual or businesses tax returns and issue an audit to assess the potential errors.  Some are random selection where there isn't any issues, but when the IRS audits a tax return and finds evidence of evasion or miscalculations, detrimental problems will arise.  Considering the potential hazards involved with an IRS audit, it's important to pursue professional IRS audit help and representation to make sure your audit goes smoothly.  We are experts at navigating IRS audits for Dallas taxpayers. We will find and rectify any problems on your tax returns and help you avoid IRS audits moving forward.


Wage Garnishment & Levy Help

When outstanding tax debt goes unsettled for too long, the IRS will exercise a collection against you to seize your assets and bank accounts.  If you have received a letter from the IRS (CP-90/297) informing you of an impending levy or garnishment, you are facing a crippling and detrimental situation. It's common to feel scared or panicked, but as long as you act immediately, you will be looking at the best case scenario.  In order to stop wage garnishment and levies, you need the professional help of a licensed tax attorney and enrolled agent whom possess the proper IRS communication privileges.  Our team of licensed tax professionals can contact the IRS immediately and put a stop to your impending collections.


Long-Term Tax Consulting

Dallas Pure Tax is dedicated to providing the tax help local taxpayers need to get back on track, but we also want to see our clients maintain healthy tax status and avoid IRS problems moving forward. We offer long-term tax filing, preparation, and consulting services for Dallas-area businesses and individuals. We also provide monthly retainer services for local businesses, including tax prep/filing, payroll, bookkeeping, expense management, and IRS representation for a flat, affordable fee.  If you are ready take back your financial future, we'd love to have a discussion with you today to see how we can help you, or your business succeed.


Professional, Proven IRS Tax Help for Dallas Taxpayers

Our experienced, dedicated team of tax help professionals are prepared to help you today with all your IRS settlement and consulting needs. Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free personal consultation.

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